What is Delhi Car Deregistration?


    What is Delhi Car Deregistration? Know All Essential Details About it

    The Delhi Transport Department has decided to deregister 10-year-old diesel and 15-year-old petrol vehicles from January 1st, 2022. This policy is to comply with the NGT's order. If you own an older vehicle, there are some possibilities for you to consider. Some of those are getting a NOC from Delhi Transport and re-registering your car in another state. If you are an existing holder of an old vehicle, Read this piece of content for all the information you need on the NGT order.

    What Are The Reasons for Old car deregistration in Delhi?

    The NGT banned old vehicles from the city that were 15 years or mature and those using diesel that were 10 years or mature in 2014. Older vehicles with engines following BS1 and BS2 standards have been permitted to continue driving in Delhi.

    The order is estimated to place a toll on more than 3 lakh diesel & over 3 million petrol vehicle owners in Delhi. "Already, 1 million automobiles were deregistered over a previous couple of years. This government directive is set to have a broad impact on private & commercial vehicle owners, with those unable or unwilling to meet the terms due to non-accreditation being forced to scrap their cars.

    What Are Other Possible Alternative Uses Of Deregistered Cars

    The National Green Tribunal and Delhi Transport Department have set out 3 alternatives for present holders of diesel vehicles over 10 years old.

    Apply for Re-registration in another state of India

    The old vehicle owners can apply for re-registration of their automobiles in the different states of India. The automobile that becomes deregistered on and later January 1st, 2022, must comply with the requirement of getting NOC based on meeting standards and guidelines procured by the NGT for re-registration in other states.

    Opt for scrapping your old vehicle

    As of NGT order, vehicles 15 years or older are needed to be scrapped. This includes petrol and diesel vehicles of the same age. Any such vehicle can be deregistered and discarded with the order's implementation on this date. Moreover, the 15 years and older vehicles will not be eligible to attain a No Objection Certificate for registration in another state.

    Purchasing an old Deregistered Vehicle

    If you desire to purchase an old car, beware that any cars that are 10-15 years old will only be eligible to buy from January 1st, 2022. This means anything manufactured before 2010 cannot be bought after this date. These cars will either break down or wave their last goodbye to you by January 1st, 2022. The used diesel or petrol car you are considering should also be compliant with the region's registration requirements to ensure that it can register locally.

    Moreover, any vehicle being taken out of Delhi and registered in a different state will not return to Delhi. In such a case, the only option would be to use this vehicle in the state it was registered in OR have it impounded.

    Change to Electric Automobile

    Suppose you're looking to cash in on the recent popularity of hybrids and electric cars. In that case, another option is to buy an electric conversion kit that can be installed on your old diesel and petrol-powered vehicle. The NGT has ordered that only accredited electric vehicle equipment recycle manufacturers convert petrol and diesel cars into electric cars.

    Selling A Deregistered Vehicle

    Many people sell their cars when they move states, which can be an annoyance. One such issue is the loss in resale value and the costs (all new registration, plates, etc.), or if you exchange your vehicle for another make or model. When you sell your car for the specified reason, ensure to confiscate the NOC and all other registration documents.

    One good thing to do before selling your vehicle is to check the National Vehicle Data and Fuel Consumption Task Force's (NOC) list of requirements to get the car registered. This will help buyers ensure they're entitled enough to buy a car, and it'll also simplify their registration process.

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