The license can be cancelled if Petrol Pump refuses to give these basic free of cost services.

  • By Admin, on March 24, 2022
  • The license can be cancelled if Petrol Pump refuses to give these basic free of cost services.

    The government of India has enacted several laws that are quite beneficial to us. But the unfortunate reality is that relatively few of us are aware of these government-enacted laws. If you don't know, tell us about some free services available at every petrol station in our country.

    In reality, it is our right to use these services as ordinary folks at the petrol pump. These are the terms that were written when the license was granted. It is also stated that if citizens do not benefit from these services, the petrol pump owners' license may be revoked. Know about some of these services you can get at petrol pump absolutely free:-

    Filtered and Clean Drinking Water

    During long car trips, it is essential to drink plenty of water. Throughout the travel, the water drains out, and we forget to carry water from home. In such a circumstance, we must purchase mineral water jugs outdoors; but, if you live near a petrol station, you really shouldn't bother because you'll be able to acquire drinking water for free and simple. The people here should be given water, according to the rules of the petrol pump.

    Proper Toilet Facilities

    If you want to use the bathroom while travelling, go to a petrol pump and use the toilet. A person's standard requirement is to go to the bathroom or use the restroom, and a petrol station owner cannot refuse. You must file a complaint against any employee or owner who refuses to allow you to use the restroom or who has left the lavatory in a terrible condition.

    Fill Free Air in Tires

    For vehicles to gallop on the roads, they must have air in their tyres. If the tyres have no air, driving the vehicle will also be challenging in this circumstance. In such a case, whenever we go out, we get the air in our vehicle's tyres checked at a puncture shop, but we must pay a fee for this service. In this case, you can get this service for free at the petrol pump.

    Fire safety device

    If you stumble through a problem, such as a fire near a petrol pump, you can use equipment and a bucket of sand to put it out. By which the fire can be kept under control. There are free fire safety equipment available here that can be utilized anywhere.

    Primary Treatment Is Also Your Right

    If anything really bad happens and you get wounded on the way, you can stop at a petrol station for treatment and a free healing dressing. A first-aid kit should be kept on hand by the petrol pump owner. Primary treatment will always be accessible for free at the petrol pump.

    Other services

    If a mother has a breast-feeding baby and needs to nurse her child, the fuel station should allow her to feed her child in a separate room. Suppose the proprietor of a petrol station refuses to provide such services. In that situation, you have the right to file a complaint with the appropriate agency, administration, or District Collector in that region. The proprietor of the petrol pump may be fined, and his license to operate a petrol pump may be revoked.

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