7 lakhs buyers are waiting in queue for their dream car delivery

  • By Admin, on Dec. 23, 2021
  • More Than 7 Lakhs Buyers Are Waiting in Queue for their Dream Car Delivery

    You may have a dream car in your mind and wish to buy it once in a life. If you are willing to purchase a new car, it is essential to be aware that more than 7 lakhs people are waiting for the car delivery. These customers booked their new car a long time ago, and now the car companies are unable to provide the new vehicle as scheduled.

    How Many Buyers of which Automobile companies are waiting?

    2.5 lakhs customers of Maruti, 1 lakh buyers of Hyundai, Mahindra, and Tata motors respectively, 75,000 buyers of Kia Motors, Volkswagen, Skoda, Nissan, Renault, and Audi, nearly 2800 Mercedes buyers in India waiting for their car. You may think that despite people being all set to pay more prices, automobile companies have failed to provide a new car. The companies are not supplying enough vehicles to meet the demand, which is frustrating for people trying to buy. As a prominent car dealer in India, Car Ki Deal has been concerned about supplying new vehicles.

    The scarcity of Semiconductor chips stopped the delivery of vehicles

    The world is experiencing a major deficiency of semiconductors, and it's got many people concerned. This type of chip is small, but there are over 170 industries that rely on them. The industry that has been negatively impacted the most by this shortage?

    15 Billion Crores Estimated Loss to Automobile Industry

    Times of economic difficulty can be hard on the auto industry. The deficiency for semiconductor chips in 2021 led to a loss of Rs 15 billion crores, and some companies are facing challenges in delivering the car. Many countries are seeing the troubling consequences of the current semiconductor scarcity, not least Japan. The country is home to Toyota Motor Company and Suzuki, and Nissan. Sadly, major companies like these have had to reduce production levels because of chips scarcity. Unfortunately, few nations manufacture semiconductors.

    More Than A Thousand Semiconductor Chips Are Installed In A Car

    Automakers worldwide are using semiconductor chips for nearly every vehicle module. The installation of semiconductor chips happens on parking sensors, brake systems, airbags, entertainment systems, and power steering. Usually, carmakers configure1000+ semiconductors chips in every vehicle. These chips are created on the basis of automated computer coding, and without these chips, building a modern vehicle would be extremely difficult. We at Car Ki Deal hope that things will return on track and the automobile sector will recover its loss within a couple of years.

    Lack of Semi-Conductor Chips Will Continue Till 2023

    Covid-19 is a significant contributor to the Semiconductor scarcity crisis. Chip production slowed down all over the world because of the pandemic, and today there's still less capacity than demand. The semiconductor industry is in a tricky situation. Production capacity is still growing, but it will not be enough to meet demand until 2023.

    Chips Used In These Devices Also

    Semiconductors have been used in many products, from cars to TVs. But it should be noted that the semiconductor chips are also found in every device that is "connected" or has special features, For example, smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets like televisions. It is not wrong to state that having an automated system such as semiconductor chips can make your appliance and gadget performance up to date, or you can easily track the system efficiency.

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