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We Assure You Best Deal And Hassle Free Experience With More Than 15 Years of Experience in Buying and Selling of New and Used Cars. Be it buying a New or a Used car or Selling a used car, the Car ki Deal team assures to bring to you the best deal in the market with a completely no hassle experience. Car Ki Deal's expert Deal Makers use their excellent negotiation skills to get the best price and offer not only for the car but also for Loans and Insurances besides handling all the cumbersome paper work and deal's authenticity verifications. While adding more and more happy customers everyday, our team proudly says ``Yahan deal Banti Hai``




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We help Car Buyers sell & buy their Dream Car based on our P.E.A.C.E. principle:

  • P – Peace of mind for customer
  • E – Experience which is hassle free with timely delivery
  • A – Attractive & Best Deal
  • C – Clear and Transparent paper work and Transactions
  • E – Easiest solutions for buying or selling Dream Cars

The kind of customers who love our work are the ones who want to get attractive deals along with the best in class services & timely deliveries.


For us our P.E.A.C.E. principle is not just a catchy phrase but a 5 point promise to our customers which we have kept up for the last over 15 years in the Buying & Selling New & Used Cars Industry.


Unlike our competitors, we provide dedicated personal assistance with NO Unwanted Calls & Trusted Transactions with all the requisite paper work.



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Vehicle Inspection

Every car in the fleet undergoes an exhaustive inspection under the supervision of our in-house auto experts and is geared up to top notch condition.


Car Loans

An enduring association with the best and prominent financial institutions offers our customers a relaxed experience in the purchase of cars.


Best Paperwork

Documentation of cars bought and sold at our concern is sans any hassles and meticulous care is taken to complete the entire process within the legal ambit.


Car Insurance

Insurance is one of the principal requirements for a car and offers the best monetary relief in times of an unforeseen incident involving the vehicle. We assure our customers in providing the most appropriate insurance without any frills and at ease.



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Car Inspection
Our Carkideal experts inspect the car on over 200 checkpoints so you get complete satisfaction and peace of mind before buying.

✅ Transmission

✅ Engine

✅ Lighting

✅ Suspension

✅ Brakes

✅ Engine Diagnostics

✅ Steering

✅ Tires

✅ Interior

✅ Exterior

✅ Air Conditioning

✅ While Alignment



Choose the Best Luxury Car Dealer in Delhi /NCR



Purchasing a luxury car needs lots of research and understanding of the latest vehicle market. If you are a car enthusiastic, you may have an updated knowledge of the car industry and market. But, no one can replace the significance of authorized and best car dealer in Delhi NCR for buying your dream car


When you see everywhere in Delhi, you will easily find bountiful car dealers but searching for a reliable luxury car dealer in Delhi requires rigorous expert and online/offline research. There is no second point that Car Ki Deal has become one of the trusted car dealers in Delhi NCR, and you can visit our showroom to choose your preferred car. 


Buy & Sell Cars in Delhi Car Sale Purchase Delhi


We don’t only help our customers in buying their favorite cars, but here you can sell your second-hand cars and get a fair price for that. Even more than a local dealer might offer you. Car ki Deal is an inclusive platform and certified dealer where you can buy and sell cars easily without any complications. 


We all know that car sale purchase is not a random task, and it needs substantial time and effort. However, Car ki Deal has simplified the process of car sale purchase in Delhi NCR and nearby areas. 


Car Sale Purchase in Delhi


 Now you must be thinking about what you need to do for the car sale purchase? You just need to communicate with us and discuss your requirement. Whether you wish to sell your car or make efforts to purchase a car, we have an extensive series of vehicles and car consumers for your car. In such a situation, we can say easily that car sale purchase in Delhi has become effortless with Car ki Deal. 


Buy Best Second-Hand Luxury Cars in Delhi


Most people or car lovers don’t want to buy a new car, or maybe their financial capacity doesn’t allow them to do so. That is why we have countless collections of the best second-hand cars for our customers. Car Ki Deal is the finest platform to buy second-hand luxury cars in Delhi, and our customers are all over India.


We have pre-used cars in Delhi, and here you can book free car inspection, quick and bother-free documentation, and immediate payment service. Car Ki deal offers the best price for your car if you wish to sell your second-hand cars.  


Best Deals on Second-Hand Cars


Buying second-hand cars in Delhi is an ideal method of saving lots of funds. Nowadays, used cars are tremendously top quality because whenever they have launched in the market in their new phase, they are manufactured with long-lasting technologies and materials. Car Ki Dealer is a credible Used Car Dealer in Delhi, NCR. 


When you purchase a new car, it usually depreciates nearly 20% at the initial driving sessions; more, it will generally decrease the resale value by another 10% throughout its first year. The total 30% depreciation in your car resale value over the year is substantial. You can prevent that significant depreciation value by purchasing second-hand cars because these cars have already passed that depreciation level. With Car ki Deal, you can expect the best deals on second-hand cars or pre-used cars


There are plentiful premium cars available in Delhi, and Car Ki Deal offers Land Rover Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Ford Mustang, Volvo XC90 2020, etc. The market for premium cars has never declined because there are numerous premium car fanatics in India. Instead of searching best showroom for premium cars, you can   Buy Premium Car in Delhi through Car Ki Deal.


Luxury Car for Sale – Get the Best deals on luxury cars.


Here at Car ki Deal, we have an enormous variety of luxury cars for sale and purchase. Hence if you want the best deals on luxury cars, you can trust us. With record selling and best deals in car sales and purchase has made us emerging car dealers in India.