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  • Sell Your Car before 2020 Ends.. Know WHY ?

    It is a known fact that cars are a devaluing asset. The value of a car devalues year on year as soon as it leaves the showroom. In India, the resale value of your car drops by 15% immediately after your purchase and afterward by 10% every year. After 5 years, you would have lost more than 60% of your car’s resale value and you stand to lose even more the longer you own your old car.

    Issues influencing car resale value in 2021:

    • New government guidelines mandating the use of specific technologies
    • A spike in supply of used cars
    • Fame of specific brands and models
    • The car’s mileage and overall condition


    Your car’s resale value is reliant on a variety of factors that can adversely impact the maximum value you can get by selling it. While you can control what car you buy and maintain as best you can, other factors may work against you when it’s time to sell.

    These issues may reduce your car’s resale value by a substantial amount if you sell your car in 2021. We’ll go through the factors that will decrease your car’s resale value in 2021 and how you can sell your car to get the best resale value in 2020.


    New Regulations

    The Government of India made BS6 compliance compulsory for all manufacturers. This has introduced a new standard that is ecologically friendly and should provide better competence. Since 2019, a few manufacturers had already started announcing BS6-compliant models.

    However, if you own a car that is 2-3 years old, your car will be BS4 compliant, which will become unwanted in the coming years. Prices for BS4 cars are expected to decline significantly in the coming years as demand for the older cars reduces.


    A Buyer’s Bazaar

    With the BS6 guidelines and new cars being launched in 2020, 2021 is seen as a year when many people will be upgrading from their old cars. This means more pre-owned cars will be sold in the used car market, dropping the resale value you can expect to get next year.

    According to reports, there has been an increase of 25% in the pre-owned car sales of popular cars like the Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Hyundai Grand i10. As the 2020 comes to an end, many more pre-owned cars are predictable to be put up for sale, which will make selling your car in 2021 much more challenging while also reducing the value you can get.

    How to Get the Best Resale Value for your Car

    While it may seem that time is running out, there is actually plenty of time left to get the best resale value for your car. Certain car models are seeing great demand and it is expected that it will continue into 2021 as well. This should safeguard that if you own an in-demand car, you will be able to get a good resale value for it.

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