Mercedes, BMW, and Audi Luxury Car Sales in India for H1 2022

Luxury Car Sales in India for H1 2022
  • A Comparison of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi Luxury Car Sales in India for H1 2022

    Sales in the first half of 2022 for BMW India

    BMW India is working hard to finish the first half of 2022 on a good notion. All sectors of the economy, including BMW vehicles, Mini cars, and BMW motorbikes, are active and responsive. The very last time business was as impressive; the automaker reported revenues of 5,170 units in H1 2018. Currently, all three brands reported the biggest H1 earnings ever in 2022. BMW automobile sales are estimated to have increased by 65.4 per cent to 5,191 units through H1 2022. Capacity increase was 2053 pieces, increasing against 3,138 components in H1 2021. Purchases of mini cars increased by 50% to 379 vehicles. The total number of cars sold is up by 5,570 vehicles or 64.2 per cent.

    The BMW SAV line, produced locally, generated the bulk of the company's sales. Approximately half of all transactions during the previous six months were made in terms of quantity. The 3 Series Gran Limousine and 5 Series were among the other category winners.

    More than 45% of all purchases were for the Mini Countryman. 3,114 pieces of BMW Motorrad were sold, representing a 56.7 per cent higher. The selling of the G 310 R and G 310 RR propelled Motorrad revenue to rise. The most of bikes sold are motorbikes (almost 90%).

    Sales figures for Audi India in the first quarter of 2022

    Despite being significantly less, Audi India sales were said to be increasing. Sales for the first half of 2022 are up from 1,181 to 1,765 vehicles. With a capacity increase of 584 pieces, the volumetric rise was 49 per cent.

    As of 2022, Mercedes Benz Reports Their Second Highest H1 Sales In A Decade

    In addition to a successful H1, Mercedes-Benz India achieved a great half concluding in June 2022. Revenues rose by 55.92 per cent during the previous six months, from 4,857 pieces to 7,573 modules. Output growth was 2,716 pieces. Bookings for the second quarter increased to 3,551 vehicles from 1,664 components, more than twice. A quantity rise of 1,887 units is recorded.

    The subscriber base increased to 6k vehicles as of June 2022, resulting in a specified term for the marque's automobiles. S-Class, C-Class, and E-Class waitlists are estimated to be 2-3 months long, while those for A-Class limousines, C-Class, and S-Class Maybach S 580 are 4-5 months long. Mercedes Benz India last recorded better H1 sales in 2018, with 8,061 cars.

    The third quarter will be quite thrilling as we track amongst the most awaited Mercedes-Benz variants from our international catalogue for our Indian consumers, establishing a brand-new standard, as per Martin Schwenk, managing director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India.

    A lot of products are booked up, and we are doing everything we can to meet the immediate requirement, according to Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India. Both trading volumes and the backlog are overflowing for the months ahead.

    Ending Note

    The three biggest leaders in the high-end market collectively delivered 14,529 pieces. This is significantly greater relative to the overall 9,176 units recorded for almost the similar six months in 2021. Due to commercial constraints limiting the transmission of Covid-19, low overall revenues ruled the roost during the corresponding time.

    The mentioned sales figure shows that the Indian economy is now getting stable post-pandemic effects. Now, it has been proved that automobile sectors have improved in revenue and brought more economic changes. Till then, we have to accept that the growing figure of Mercedes, BMW and Audi is a positive sign.

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