• Maruti Presents Petrol Vs Diesel Car Cost Calculator

    After selling the biggest number of diesel cars in India, Maruti Suzuki now not sells diesel cars – post the implementation of BS6 norms Do diesel cars really provide more value as compared to their petrol counterparts? Diesel car users will surely prefer to believe so, but India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki begs to differ. To prove its point, Maruti has launched a novel calculator tool that shows users why petrol cars may indeed be a much better choice than diesel cars.

    The reason for launching this one-of-its-kind petrol vs. diesel calculator tool is pretty obvious, as Maruti has chosen a petrol-only roadmap in BS6 era. Yes, we all know that majority of the company’s sales was contributed by petrol variants, but diesel car sales did have a decent enough chunk of the share. this can be because car sales are anyways down, because of lockdown across the country. For now, discontinuing diesel units may not make any big difference to the company’s revenue. But at the long haul, once car sales get better, it just might. For now, Maruti is trying to spice up their petrol car sales, and have launched petrol vs diesel car cost calculator.

    One factor that does add the favour of a petrol car is that there’s currently little difference between petrol and diesel prices. If we take today’s petrol and diesel prices in Delhi, the difference is smaller than Rs 2. Earlier, diesel used to be less expensive than petrol, which provided significant savings in running costs. This was one of the key reasons for selecting a diesel car. However, with petrol and diesel prices almost identical now, the running cost-benefit has lost its importance. Maruti’s petrol vs. diesel calculator tool essentially tries to indicate that it can take several years to derive the price benefits related to a diesel car. the value of a diesel car is typically more than its petrol variant, which increases the value of ownership. the standard belief is that this extra cost may be recovered with the low running cost of diesel cars. However, as already explained above, that benefit has become quite insignificant.

    The calculator also highlights that the maintenance cost of diesel cars is above that of petrol variants. This again reduces the general cost benefits related to diesel cars. Diesel cars should still provide savings within the long haul, but Maruti’s point is that such a protracted wait might not be worthwhile. The first question is why anyone would continue using a similar car for 10 years or more just to recover the upper cost of ownership of a diesel car.

    The app can be downloaded from

    Do note that the app results haven't been independently verified and results may differ counting on the user. For various users, the results are going to be different. It depends on factors like km driven per day, finance options availed for purchasing the car, etc. All the factors are taken into consideration by the Maruti petrol diesel calculator app.


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