Our Featured Services


Vehicle Inspection

Every car in the fleet undergoes an exhaustive inspection under the supervision of our in-house auto experts and is geared up to top notch condition


Best Paperwork

Documentation of cars bought and sold at our concern is sans any hassles and meticulous care is taken to complete the entire process within the legal ambit.


Car Loans

An enduring association with the best and prominent financial institutions offers our customers a relaxed experience in the purchase of cars.


Car Insurance

Insurance is one of the principal requirements for a car and offers the best monetary relief in times of an unforeseen incident involving the vehicle. We assure our customers in providing the most appropriate insurance without any frills and at ease.


New Cars

We are distinguished within the automobile dealer network for our splendid range of cars from globally exalted brands in every segment. Carving a niche in the premium and luxury segment, outstanding proficiency in dealing with the high end cars is our forte.



Used Cars

Transparency and trustworthy in dealing with second hand cars is the other greatest asset of our organization. Our intense and comprehensive scrutinization of cars on multiple parameters backed by absolutely authentic documents ensures a worthy deal for the customers.




On Time Delivery

We are steadfast and extensively acknowledged for the prompt delivery of the cars at the doorstep. Commended for meeting all the requisites of the customers for both new and old cars, we sincerely endeavour and accomplishing the delivery of vehicles within the committed timeframe




Best Price

The competitive price offered by our firm is tough to surpass in the market. All the components forming part of the consolidated rate is elucidated transparently in detail and the customer hardly has any apprehensions.





With a truly exhilarating range of cars from every category encompassing the best brands in possession, customers have a range of options and a truly world class experience in choosing the car of their choice.




Expert Review

Our professional experts provide one of the most nuanced and necessary crucial information on the specifications of the car, the customers have opted to buy. The exhaustive review offered for new and second hand cars alike, assists the customers in finalizing their selection.


Want To Sell Your Car ?


Our Carkideal experts inspect the car on over 200 checkpoints so you get complete satisfaction and peace of mind before buying.

✅ Transmission

✅ Engine

✅ Lighting

✅ Suspension

✅ Brakes

✅ Engine Diagnostics

✅ Steering

✅ Tires

✅ Interior

✅ Exterior

✅ Air Conditioning

✅ Wheel Alignment




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