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Key Points For  Loan Deal

Loan Amount

We enable you to avail the maximum car loan amount of the on-road price based on laid down terms and conditions.

Interest Rate

We will provide loan services for the best and lowest interest rate % in the market depending on the overall loan amount, loan tenure and down payment to be made.

Down Payment

We support in getting the best and lowest down payment approval on your car loan.

Loan Tenure

The duration to repay the loan amount will be arranged based on individual customer needs and allowable maximum tenure based on the EMI payable by the customer



Processing Fee

The processing fee in availing the car loan amount will be the lowest in the market.


Documents for applying the car loan: 1. Minimum age 2. Minimum net annual salary. 3. Minimum net annual business income for self-employed.

EMI Amount

Ascertain the car loan EMI which is the fixed amount of money to be repaid to the bank on monthly basis depending on the loan amount.

Loan Approval Time

The loan amount is approved on the least possible days on fulfilling the stipulations.

Steps For Applying A Car Loan



You can easily apply for a car loan for new or used cars in a convenient and simple manner. Our professionals offer ample guidance in application of a car loan that requires particulars like personal details and other relevant credentials.

Loan Sanction

On successful processing of the documentation the loan amount is fixed based on the monthly income of the applicant along with the EMI and tenure to repay the loan


The processing of car loan is customer friendly and a hassle free process. On submission of the application and collection of necessary documents, the processing involves the verification of the documents to see if they meet the standard criteria.


With the loan amount approved after checking the veracity of documents, the next stage is the disbursement of the decided amount through cheques or demand drafts (DD).


Subsequent to the application process you are required to submit the documents pertaining to proof of income – salaried or self –employed, address proof and other necessary documents needed to prove your identity.


Customer Satisfaction

The entire procedure of availing a car loan at different stages is adequately assisted by our experts, clarifying all the relevant queries raised and ultimately offering the most needed satisfaction at the end of the exercise.

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